All You Need To Know About Destiny Number 1

Destiny Number 1


One kind word to make a friend…

One tree to start a forest…

One match to start a fire…

One. That is all it takes.

Destiny Number 1_1

Every Individual is Born With a Set of Destiny, Including You

Yes, that’s right! Whether or not this destiny pans out in your favour is in your hands and depends on your major life decisions. However, the opportunities that present themselves to you depend heavily upon your pre-destined life path. Your life path cannot change because it depends upon the time of your birth. As you know, birth times are unchangeable. Once set, they remain constant for the rest of your life.

There are a total of nine destiny paths, each represented by a number. Out of these, the number 1 denotes the first destiny path.

The number one bears great significance in numerology. People on destiny path number one are born leaders. As they belong to the number one, which is the first number out of them all, they feel that it is their birthright to lead.

Destiny Number 1 Makes a Great Leader

People who belong to destiny number 1 are natural-born leaders. They know just how to spot the right creative or professional opportunity and grab it by its horns. Number ones ride through life with a distinct air of leadership and are bound to continually resonate power wherever they go.

Number ones are generally able to maintain an aura that dictates their great need for independence. As a result, they tend to push away clingy people and attract friends who share similar life goals. For Ones, life is all about winning, and win they sure do!

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However, there is a downside to all this. As a One, you must be familiar with the saying that with great power comes great responsibility. So, Ones must always take care of themselves and make sure they don’t run into the wrong crowd or bite off more than they can chew.

As we know, those on destiny path one are leaders, so they attract many people into their wide social circles. Unfortunately, some of these people may not have the purest of intentions, so it is vital that Ones stay alert and on the lookout for such individuals.

Still, nobody is born with a bad destiny, and, as long as Ones do their best to strike distance between themselves and such people, things are bound to turn out in their favor. It’s all part of the glorious number one charm.

Professional Life of Destiny Number 1

As they are natural-born leaders, Ones may prefer to work alone. However, they need to learn that the true spirit of leadership lies in working side-by-side with others while simultaneously providing due guidance. Leadership also demands compromise from time to time. Ones are often expected to take pieces of advice put forward by their team but are highly unlikely to consider it. This is because they firmly believe that their own ideas are the best.

Those who fail at teamwork are often seen either as ruthless dictators (if they are at a leadership position in their workplace) or as rebellious employees. They may gain a negative reputation alongside labels such as “inflexible”, “unapproachable”, “cold, and distant”.

This is often because most people fail to understand that Ones are incredibly creative and do not enjoy submitting themselves to mundane office work. Ones possess great potential and can quickly rise up the ranks at their workplace thanks to their passionate dedication to the cause. However, in order to do so, they must first improve their teamwork skills.

Ones may also struggle with asking people for help. This stems from their firm belief that they are strong enough to handle any problem that gets thrown their way. While this is true to a great extent, it doesn’t nullify the fact that Ones are still just as human as those on any other life path. All human beings require help from their friends and larger communities from time to time.

So, if you’re a One who has trouble asking for help, here’s some advice: the next time you’re hung up on a problem, try asking a trusted friend, family member, or peer to help you out. You’ll be surprised at how glad they will be to lend a listening ear or a helping hand!

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Love and Romance for Destiny Number 1

Ones love being in charge-they just can’t help it! For this reason, they often end up with partners who are more submissive and allow them to take charge. 

Being a One also suggests that it may be difficult for you to enter into a relationship with other Ones. If you do so, there will likely be a constant power struggle between your partner and you. You both will be insistent on doing things your way, and neither party will be willing to compromise.

People with destiny number 1 may feel most comfortable with a partner on path number five or three, in order. Partners who belong to destiny number two or six also make for ideal candidates. However, their relationship with their One may not be as strong as that of a Five or Three. 

Ones are least likely to be able to maintain a fulfilling romantic relationship with natives of life path nine.

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However, it is essential to remember that numerology is not limited to just one number. Your fate is mostly decided by your destiny number (which, in this case, is one), but is not limited to it. There will always be other numbers and aspects influencing your life, but these will not be as strong as your destiny number. 

If your current romantic partner is not a Five or Three, but you are a One, it doesn’t mean that you should break off all ties with them immediately unless things are not going smoothly. There may be other numbers in their complete numerology chart that suggest that you two should continue to pursue your relationship.

Looking For Love

On the other hand, if you are a One looking for love, it’s best to stick to searching for people who belong to Destiny number five or three, as this will likely bring you an ideal match.

Ones are also known to be deeply romantic. This comes out strongly when they meet their soulmate. When a One decides that their partner is perfect for them, they will go to any length to keep the relationship healthy and full of passion.

It is best if a One partners up with someone who wears their heart on their sleeve and appreciates their help and support. Ones enjoy coming to their partner’s rescue, like a knight in shining armor. They will expect the same level of dedication from their partner and deserve it for sure!

Final Thoughts and Advice

As a One, you have many brilliant positive qualities, including leadership potential, the desire to be a committed life partner, and are incredibly creative. Some people may feel that your demands are too high on the downside, which may scare them off.

Such people are not evil for thinking that way, but it is best if you do not let their words get to your head. Ones are incredibly passionate and do not like to it when others try to control them, but should understand that sometimes compromise is necessary.

If, as a One, you manage to understand your strengths and weaknesses and live your life accordingly, you are bound to be successful in every realm of life! Interested in finding out more? Click here to get professional numerology reading today. 

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