House Number 3 Numerology: Find Out Everything!

A happy home can serve as the bedrock to a successful life. Each different home gives a vibe or energy even if it’s empty and has no furniture. Numerology is that everything is made up of numbers, and these numbers have specific properties. 

Today, we’re going to be looking at house number 3 numerology. Homes that bear this number are ideal for fun-loving and artistic people that love spending time at home with their friends and family. 

This house number also encourages creativity. Furthermore, it improves your will to express yourself personally and professionally. These homes are great for people who are looking to seek change from their regular lives. 

Let’s go into depth about everything you need to know about house number 3 numerology.

How To Calculate What House Number You Have?

Numerology essentially considers that all numbers eventually bottle down to numbers between 1-9. Each of these numbers represents different personality traits and suit other people. However, most people don’t know how to add their address to reveal the numerology number. 

For multiple digit addresses, keep adding the numbers together until you arrive at a single digit between 1-9. Take, for example, the address 321. That breaks down to 3 + 2 + 1 =6. In the case where you get a double-digit answer like 12. Add the two numbers, and the result is the numerology number for your address. 

Who Does The Numerology Number 3 Numerology Suit? 

Under Numerology, the number is ruled by Jupiter. As a result, the number attracts people who love having fun and the life of the party. It’s also ideal for those looking to pursue an endeavor that requires them to channel their creativity. 

Artists, painters, photographers, and actors, and any individual that works in a creative industry will benefit from the energy of the number 3. Numerology also states that number 3 attracts individuals with a strong belief in philosophy. These are people that actively seek knowledge from philosophers. 

One of the most attractive features of number 3 houses is encouraging the residents to engage in more self-expression. It’s ideal for dancers, writers, and artists looking to channel their creativity. The household encourages residents to change their lives and motivates them to pick up more artistic hobbies. These hobbies could include activities such as traveling, painting, or writing. 

What Does It Mean To Families?

The numerology number 3 is also ideal for families that love spending time with one another. It encourages a sense of community and will make residents always want to seek someone’s company. It doesn’t matter if it’s a family living there or if it’s a group of friends. 


The energy of the house encourages residents to love spending time with one another. It’s a house that will be full of energy and will be loud and enjoyable. The house will tend to be the go-to place where you and your friends get together to party. 

Another aspect of the house that attracts artists and similar careers is that it gives off very creative vibrations. The household is ideal for anyone looking to start a family or any artistic career. It’ll also aid those individuals that are looking to make a change in their personal or professional life. 

Who Doesn’t The Number 3 Suit?

One general rule that everyone needs to consider is that there’s a life path number as well. People with odd lifepath numbers tend to better in houses that have an odd numerology number. At the same time, those with even life path numbers will have a more challenging time in odd numerology number households. 

When it comes to specific personality traits, the number 3 house will definitely not suit those that want to live independently and in peace. The energy of the household is very welcoming and encourages residents to interact with one another. It’s also going to be a loud household, which might lead to some excessive partying and troubles with the neighbors. 

Those that prefer order will also not do well in the house as it has a very relaxed vibe. That can work negatively for individuals that procrastinate on tasks as well. They might become more prone to putting off jobs and should avoid these types of houses. 

Effect On Residents

According to numerologists, house number 3 causes an excessive cash flow. This is because it promotes family living and friendships. People that are bad with money or spend recklessly might find their habits going out of control in a number 3 house. Everyone that lives in a number 3 household needs to keep an active budget and plan for future expenses. 

House number 3 are also incredibly active households where the residents will feel restless unless they get up and do something. As a result, a lot of residents that don’t lead active lifestyles find themselves burnt out by the energy of the number 3 household. 

While these houses encourage self-expression, they also have the potential to cause depression and stress. Also, they may cause potential legal issues. The house doesn’t have the proper energy to support people like living on their own as it gives off a very communal vibe. 

How To Decorate House Number 3 Numerology

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As this is the artist’s house, the decoration of the home should reflect as such and be as creative as the individuals. The lucky color for the number is yellow, so make sure that you incorporate it into the household’s overall aesthetic. 

Please make use of colorful paintings and choose classy furniture that’ll help your abode look like it belongs to artists. Just make sure that you use illustrations that include multiple elements instead of focusing on singular factors. 

Natural light, plants, and flowers are all your best friends when decorating the house. They will improve the positive vibe. These vibes are essential in helping deal with some of the shortcomings of the household. 


Number 3 households are essentially the artists’ abode. They give creative vibrations and promote communal living. House Numer 3 numerology is the ideal household for anyone looking to start a family or an artistic career. Numerology can play a more critical role in your life than you can imagine. If you haven’t gotten a reading yet, click here!

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