House Number 7 Numerology: All What You Need To Know

Numerology is an analysis of the numbers in your life, the numbers that hold importance, and the numbers you see the most. Numerology is essentially the global language of numbers. Those who believe in numerology believe that everything in this world is a combination of basic elements, numbers.

If we deep dive into these numbers, we can learn a lot. The study of numerology can help us find ourselves and our reason to live.

Interestingly, every house also has a number. Numerologists highly advise that those who have an odd-numbered life path should choose an odd-numbered house. Similarly, those who have an even-numbered life path should choose an even-numbered house.

Today, we focus on house number 7, a house odd-numbered life paths should consider. We’ll tell you how to live in house number 7 by answering some of the most essential questions mentioned below!

What To Expect in a House Number 7?

House Number 7 Numerology: All What You Need To Know

People with a house number that adds up to a 7 will have a spiritual aura surrounding them in their homes. Those looking to grow spiritually and find their real reason to live should opt for house number 7. If you’ve been dealing with toxic people and negative energy most of your life, you should consider moving into a house that adds up to 7.

7 is an odd house number, which has a connection with positivity and self-reflection. It’s for those people who want a quiet and peaceful life. You will find yourself getting closer to religion and gaining perspective if you live in this house.

This numbered house is not for those who prefer a life filled with people and noise. Instead, this house is ideal for anyone looking to take a break from life and wanting to leave all their outside troubles behind.

House Number 7 Numerology: How Should It Be Decorated

A house that adds up to a 7 has to be decorated with a minimalistic approach. Do not go overboard with the furniture and paint your walls bright but muted colors like purple, yellow, or orange.

For those of you who are planning to decorate a house number 7, you must keep an extra room just for meditation and/or reading. You should also keep statues of the Buddha and other spiritual entities in your house.

If you want to avoid negativity in your house, place a body of water in the house as it promotes peace and hope.

Note: You may face water issues if you live in House Number 7.

Who Should Not Live in a House Number 7?

If you are a couple, this house might be risky. It can either play in your favor or against it. Since house number 7 has a transformative aura and is quiet, you may grow with your partner or grow away from your partner. This number will make you self-reflect and think about your life choices a lot. This is always good, but it may be bittersweet if it puts a strain on your marriage.

People who cannot live without the company of others may feel depressed in this house because it’s for those who are more introverted than extroverted. If you’re looking to turn this house into any kind of a business location, you may face a loss because the nature of this house is isolation and silence.

The Challenges You Will Face in House Number 7

House Number 7 Numerology

Like we mentioned before, you may face water problems in this house. These can include drainage, seepage, and dampness problems every now and then. The best way to not let this disrupt your daily life is by keeping a regular check on the condition of your water pipes and system.

Even though this house may be lonely, you can avoid social isolation by meeting with your friends outside, and you can add a number ranging from 2-9 to the inside of your door to lessen the isolation. Another way you can help yourself is by having a water source inside your home. The source can be a water fountain, too, as some numerologists believe that it brings luck.

A house number 7 numerology is excellent for those who are going through a tough time in life. This number holds the power to make you connect to your emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

It is also essential that you balance out the energy in your house. You can balance your energy by keeping your house neat and tidy, eliminating all types of clutter. Removing clutter also applies to the negative thoughts in your head. If you feel out of touch with yourself, house number 7 numerology will be your savior. It will help you connect with your intuition. Your physical and mental abilities will strengthen in this house.

If you are a person who loves nature, needs space to finish a project, or just needs to heal yourself, then house number 7 is the right option for you. This house leans more towards the idea of quality over quantity. While living in house number 7, you should also prioritize connecting to and becoming closer to your loved ones. This will help resolve suppressed issues and help you socialize every now and then and not feel isolated.

“Is Your Guardian Angel Trying To Send You A Message?”


It is imperative that you pick the right number for your house. As we mentioned in the beginning, you should choose your house number by keeping your life path number in mind. If you mistakenly select the wrong house number, you will instantly know because the aura and energy of that house will not sit right with you.

Your emotions will be negatively impacted, and everything will feel out of sync. If you have recently shifted to a new house and you feel negative, then it means the personality of the house does not match with your personality.

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