Life Path Number 11: The number That Brings a New Vision


Eleven is the gateway to enlightenment…

Number 11 provides balance…

Eleven is for fairness…

Life Path Number 11

Life path number is the most important and influential number within a person’s numerology chart. This number reveals the most about your personality, tendencies, career path, relationships, and every other aspect of your life. 

If your life path is Eleven, you’re probably having a hard time learning more about it. We’re going to change that now. Read on to learn more about being number 11, what it means for you, and how it influences your professional and personal life. 

Life Path Number 11 Is Master Intuitive 

In numerology, Eleven is the first of three master numbers. Other master numbers are 22 and 33. These numbers are considered lucky for people born under them. Since you can add both digits and turn them in single-digit numbers, many personality traits of Eleven, for example, are similar to those of Two. 

Of all life path numbers, number 11 is the most sensitive and intuitive. You are spiritual and aren’t concerned too much with the materialistic world. You prefer a calm and serene life but sometimes may experience anxiety. 

A visionary Eleven has a curious nature and strives to uncover the mysteries of the world and their environment. Also, you’re emphatic and easily connect to other people and their struggles.

Although empathic and compassionate, Eleven has a wonderful inner strength that pushes them to achieve anything they set their minds to. You are also enthusiastic and don’t take anything for granted. 

An Eleven is a patient and polite person and people love to be around them.

Professional Life of Life Path Number 11

Since Eleven is a spiritual person who doesn’t pay too much attention to the materialistic, your professional life can be turbulent. You don’t give too much thought to careers and often change jobs. 

It’s not uncommon for Elevens to give up “conventional” careers to pursue careers revolving around occult, spirituality, philosophy. Everything unexplained and mysterious is an attractive subject to you and worth exploring. Being a visionary and intuitive person, you’re a good student, a fast learner, and also do well in creative fields. 

Elevens are great teachers, healers, writers, and musicians. 

Your ideal job is the one that appeals to your ethical and spiritual sensibilities. There is no right or wrong answer here. Keep in mind that although life path number describes certain traits, people are still unique and two Elevens can find their happiness in totally different career paths. It all comes down to your personality and what you keep in high regard in terms of spirituality and ethics. 

For example, many Elevens are artists. Some paint, others write, and so on. These aren’t some money-making professions that will make a person instantly rich, but Elevens don’t focus on materialism. They do arts because they experience much-needed fulfillment. It makes them happy and spiritually balanced. 

Besides art, you’re also a great counselor and mediator. These qualities are a result of your intuitive and sensitive nature. Additionally, you’re a great listener and people trust you. All these things make you a great counselor, and it’s a path many Elevens pursue. 

Elevens may also thrive in medicine. Medicine is all about healing and it’s the perfect career path to make a significant contribution to making this world a better place.

Since Elevens love to learn languages, they make great linguists and translators too. 

Your patience and compassionate nature allow you to do well in teams. You have an understanding for other people and are there to help them should they need a helping hand to get the job done.

Life Path Number 11_3

Love and Romance for Life Path Number 11

An Eleven is a faithful and sincere lover. Being sensitive and intuitive, you aren’t a fan of casual relationships without commitment on a spiritual level. Random encounters and flings with other people aren’t your cups of tea. Instead, you prioritize real relationships where two people are committed to one another spiritually. That kind of bond with someone attracts you and that’s what you’re looking for in a partner. 

You are passionate and care a lot about making the significant other happy. You care for their happiness and would do anything to ensure they’re comfortable in a relationship. In romantic relationships, you don’t do anything halfway, but give your whole self to the partner. While their happiness makes you happy, you still need to focus on self-care a little bit. There’s nothing wrong with focusing on yourself from time to time.

As number 11 is a calm and peaceful individual, the most suitable romantic partner is compassionate and stable. These qualities make you feel comfortable. On the flip side, starting a relationship with someone who’s on the “wild side” may induce anxiety and make you feel uncomfortable. 

However, your ideal partner is also someone who will encourage you to open up more regarding your feelings. Since Elevens care more about other people’s feelings they often disregard their own. As a result, you don’t tell a partner how you feel and don’t feel comfortable doing so. That’s why your perfect match is someone who will offer stability and comfort on which you can rely when talking about your feelings. It’s a person who will always support you and have your back.

The ideal romantic partner for an Eleven is Two. These two numbers are connected and also happen to have a similar nature. You’re complementing and supporting one another because you speak the same language. A Two can give you the understanding, stability, and support you’re looking for.


On the other hand, relationships with One, Four, and Nine could be difficult and overwhelming. As a person who’s looking for an emotionally expressive partner, you are unlikely to experience comfort, stability, and happiness with these numbers. The reason is simple, none of them are emotional unless they’re confident that expressing their feelings is safe. Since you’re sensitive, intuitive, and philosophical, you can’t give them the safety they need to express their emotions. You need an emotional, yet stable partner like yourself.

Relationships with Fives can get complicated too. While both Eleven and Five are intuitive and creative, the latter can find it difficult to settle down. Since you’re not a person who wants casual relationships, it could be stressful to deal with Five as you’d always struggle to get them to commit which is what they’re reluctant to do. You see, Fives express their love in a different way and an Eleven may not comprehend it at first. 

However, if Eleven and Five have mutual understanding and communicate properly, they could succeed as a couple.

Even though Elevens don’t want to jump into relationships too quickly, you’re still looking for companionship. To you, a spiritual connection is more valuable than physical. Seek relationships where you can be open and honest and where you can communicate and feel comfortable and support while doing so.

Final Thoughts and Advice

As an Eleven you are intuitive, sensitive, and empathic. Spirituality is your priority and you’re not attracted to the materialistic world. An Eleven may struggle to find the ideal career path, but once they find something that fulfills them spiritually, they excel. 

In relationships, Elevens give their whole self to partners and have a lot of love to offer. Casual flings don’t interest them. Instead, Elevens are all about a spiritual connection with other people. 

Elevens are also prone to daydreaming and may have high expectations from people around them. Their self-consciousness often makes them alienate from other people.

It’s important for Elevens to communicate, express their feelings, and share their emotions. That way, you will build strong, healthy relationships. 

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