888 Showing Up In Your Dreams? Luck Maybe On Its Way To You

888 Meaning

Numbers pass by us every day – not just on one occasion, but rather many. The moment you wake up, your alarm clock wakes you up with a display of numbers. If you are measuring your calories, then breakfast time means you’ll be working with numbers. During the day, you are calling clients – again, … Read more

555 Meaning: Stay Positive And Await Exciting Changes

555 Meaning

Did you know that you have as many as 60,000 thoughts in a single day? This is a number that was recently published by the National Science Foundation. The interesting part reported as part of the study – 80% of these thoughts are usually negative. Have you been noticing 555 come up in repetitions for … Read more

111 Meaning: Twin Flames and New Beginnings.

111 Meaning

When you see a number, you may not think of it as anything more than just a figure on a piece of paper, or perhaps your clock telling you what time it is. While this is perfectly normal, though there are times where certain numbers become repetitive.  At first, you start noting that you look … Read more

14 Meaning: It’s Time To Explore The Unknown

14 Meaning

Fear is something that can often set us back. You gain a new opportunity at work, yet you fear that it may not work out as you wish. You draw backward into that comfort zone that you have created for yourself, fearing what would happen when you explore an area that is unknown to you.  … Read more

222 Meaning: Now Is The Time To Reach For Harmony

222 Meaning

Do you believe in new beginnings? If you have been observing a triple-digit of twos, particularly in the order of 222, appear in your life, it might be time to start believing.  Numbers may seem insignificant, but once they start appearing in repetitive patterns, you may start taking more notice of them. Repetitive numbers can … Read more