14 Meaning: It’s Time To Explore The Unknown

Fear is something that can often set us back. You gain a new opportunity at work, yet you fear that it may not work out as you wish. You draw backward into that comfort zone that you have created for yourself, fearing what would happen when you explore an area that is unknown to you. 

According to research, fear is one of the common factors that make people avoid taking chances or entering unknown territory. 

The consistent drawback to a comfort zone, coupled with the fear of the unknown, causes anxiety and depressive feelings. Sometimes, however, you simply need a push to get you ahead. If you’ve been seeing the number 14 day after day, the universe might be telling you it’s time to leave your fears behind. The time for exploring those unknown areas of life has come – and you have the strength to pursue them.

In this post, you will discover what 14 means in terms of numerology. We’ll also help you interpret the recurrent appearance of the number 14 throughout your daily life. 

Why Are You Seeing Number 14?

Number 14

When you are observing number 14 more than often in your daily life, it means an invisible entity, an angel, or the universe itself is sending you a message. The number has connections to Sagittarius, as well as Mercury. When an association is made with the number 14, characteristics that are considered include hesitation, yet a character that is generally considered active. 

In terms of numerology, there are three elements generally associated with 14:

  • Travel
  • Knowledge
  • The Unknown

These three factors intertwine with each other. They are both associated, yet can have separate meanings at the same time. In a horoscope reading, the number 14 tends to fill the 9th house. With this in mind, it is also associated with factors like study, learn, and personal growth. 

Simply stating that you see the number 14 pop up at regular intervals tend to be too vague. Due to the broad range of terms and factors associated with the number, it is important to consider a more targeted approach to learning why you see the number. 

With this in mind, we need to take a look at the possible contexts that should be considered when you are frequently presented with this number. 

Remaining Grounded

Many people see the number 14 as a signal from their guardian angel. The number is present to the person as a way of reminding them to remain grounded. 

In the modern-day, people often find themselves with more tasks than they can handle. When you take on too much, you may find that you do not prioritize those elements that matter most. This could be your family, for example. Your job may become so important that you are never around at home – in this event, the invisible force is reminding you to stay grounded. 

The idea here is that your guardian angel is telling you to sit down and take a breather. When we get too occupied with life, we miss out on the smaller things – events that may matter a lot later on. Take one step back. Give yourself a day off if needed. Take this time to really reflect on your life and the current situation. 

Take notice of where your priorities currently lie. Also, consider where your priorities should really be. Now, compare these – do they match up? If not, take this as a “wake up” call. Start implementing the necessary changes to stop taking those little things for granted. 

Blessings For Loved Ones

The number 14, particularly when looking at it in Angelic terms, is also one that represents influence. It is often associated with blessings and privileges. This may not necessarily be in the form of wealth. Money is not the only blessing you can have in life. Consider your knowledge, the skills you possess, and the talents you have, but others lack. 

The presence of the number 14 can sometimes be a way for the universe to make a request from you. The universe or your guardian angel – these entities are asking you to be open toward sharing the skills and talents that you have accumulated. 

Essentially, what this means is that you should bless those around you. Now, we’re not suggesting to give out money to everyone who may be struggling. Remember that wealth does not only refer to money. A person with an abundance of talent, for example, have their own type of wealth. 

If you have something to share – be it a skill or perhaps some knowledge that you have gained – these can be used to bless people who might find these useful. By passing on the knowledge, you give these individuals a chance to gain the skills too. They are then equipped with the elements required to pursue a new career, move up in their own career, or perhaps to mend a broken relationship. 

Help Is Provided

Sometimes, life can be overwhelming. You are faced with too many tasks and responsibilities to handle all at once. When life throws this at you, there may be a reason. And when you are seeing the number 14 appear to you frequently, it may be the universe talking to you. 

A divine entity is telling you that you need to get a grip on life. You need to consider how you are dealing with everything right now. Chances are, the overwhelming feeling is because there may be a lack of organization. Consider what steps you can implement to better cope with what is going on. 

At the same time, do take note that 14 repeatedly presented to you might also be the universe telling you that you are not alone. There is a divine entity that is looking over you – and sending help to ensure you are able to cope with the current struggles you are facing. 

When you know that your guardian angel is there to bring the table into your favor, you may find yourself feeling motivated. This motivation can go along way. The positive energies sent toward you by the divine realm ultimately contributes to higher vibrations. You may find that positive energy starts to generate in your surroundings. 

A Caution

There are times where all is not associated with the opportunity when looking at the occurrence of a number. With number 14, in particular, the constant appearance of the figure could be a caution. 

Many believe that 14 may be a warning against spending a large sum of money. It could tell you that a possible investment you are looking to make may turn out to be less fruitful than you hoped for. W

If the number appears, consider current plans you have in terms of your financials. Have you been looking to initiate a specific trade? Perhaps you have thought about buying stock in a new company. 

When 14 appears, you might want to take a second look at what the investment entails. Take another look at the research you have done. There is a chance that you could find more risks associated with the investment – which means it could lead to a significant loss on your side. 

Note that the number doesn’t necessarily mean you should not make any financial movements. It simply acts as a caution. It tells you that there may be some risks that you have overlooked – in some cases, making a few adjustments to your current strategy, for example, could yield better returns. 

Numerology Readings Give You In-Depth Understanding Of The Number 14

14 Meaning: It’s Time To Explore The Unknown_3

With every person’s situation being unique, telling the context of number 14 can be quite the challenge. You see 14 in your dreams, you wake up exactly 14 minutes past six every morning, and that coffee you buy on your way to work sets you back $1.4 every day. Coincidence? We don’t think so. 

The problem now, however, is to tell why the universe is sending this angel number to you. While seeing it and recognizing a recurrence of the number is one thing, knowing how it relates in context to your life can be a completely different story. 

For those who find it difficult to use general guidelines to interpret the meaning of 14 in their own life, the services of a professional in numerology should be considered. These professionals have the skills to help you understand why certain numbers are showing up in your life. 

To get started, why not consider requesting your first reading for free? You’ll also gain access to a very valuable report – filled with information to help you understand what numerology is, and how it is used by an invisible force to communicate with you. If you are ready to get your free reading, simply click here. 


The number 14 is associated with entering unknown territory, while also presenting itself as a way of representing knowledge and traveling. A frequent recurrence of this number may be a sign that you are ready to move into the unknown, to take a step into a territory that is completely new to you. Be wary, however, as the specific meaning can differ between people, and may have a very unique context in your own situation. 

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