The Magic Of House Number 1 Numerology

Did you know that everything in the universe is governed by numbers, just like a computer program? Sure, it may take a while to realize at first…but they’re always there!

Studying numbers can be extremely fascinating. Numbers do much more than just help us count things. They can also teach us how to decode secret messages behind the essential things in our lives. Everything in life is governed by a number, be it your first name, your future, or your house.

Yes! That’s right. House numbers are a genuine and relevant concept. Did you know that the roof under which you’re sitting right now has its own unique number, too?

Some houses are governed by the number 1. These houses have specific remarkable characteristics and exert an undeniably powerful influence upon their homeowners. In this article, we will explore all the details of house number 1 numerology.

The Number One

The number one is associated with a range of positive concepts. It corresponds with winning, heroes, and the ability to take effective action.


The number 1 is essentially the leader of all other digits. This is because, in numerology, the number zero has little to no value, leaving 1 as the sole kingpin.

If you look into ancient astrology, you’ll see that the number 1 has always been a powerful digit. It bears the sun’s power, which is the celestial body associated with Leo’s zodiac sign. For this reason, Leos are more likely to attract living spaces in sync with the number 1.

If you love independence and wielding power, the digit 1 may resonate well with you. This number can sometimes serve as a lucky charm for aspiring leaders or anyone who wishes to grab the reigns and lead a life of their own choosing.

House Number 1: Who Should Choose It?

If you are an influential figure, who has been appointed as a leader or aims to become one, then living in a house with digits that add up to give you 1 may prove beneficial for you. House number 1 is best suited to individuals who thrive off of personal independence and want to be in charge of making the rules, be it for their personal lives or the community at large.

The number 1 represents new beginnings. It’s like the Spring of numbers; a season representing youth, vitality, and brand-new opportunities. If you’re looking for a chance to start afresh, then house number 1 is perfect for you. Your new home will launch your headfirst into a thrilling, fast-paced life. Whether or not you will enjoy this depends upon your personality.

House Number 1: Who Should Avoid It?

Houses ruled by the number 1 tend to be extraordinarily posh and require constant maintenance, or else they may fail to look welcoming. If you’re someone who prefers low-maintenance households, then it’s best if you opt for a different house number, like 3, which has a more laid-back vibe.

If you’re not someone who likes to be always busy with work or life in general, then house number 1 is not for you. House number 1 may trigger a fast-paced life charged with energy. That kind of lifestyle isn’t for everyone, which is okay. You can always opt for a different house number!

Such houses can sometimes trigger a power struggle between the residents and anyone who dares to challenge them. Sometimes, residents of house number 1 can forget to slow down and get too caught up with work to the point where they risk losing touch with their close relatives or old friends. Suppose you’re someone who may not be able to strike a balance between your professional and family life. In that case, you may want to reconsider choosing house number 1.

Lastly, residents of house number 1 may eventually require life coaching. This is usually because their goals are huge, and they will get caught up in chasing these dreams. While residents of house number 1 may have an extraordinary professional life, their personal life may not receive enough attention. 

As a result, they may fail to grow emotionally, ultimately requiring life coaches to teach them how to be more grounded, stable, and emotionally available.

Lucky Colors for House Number 1

The number 1 loves being in charge. For house number 1, it’s all about living large and going all-out. For this reason, house number one looks best when decorated with rich colors like red and gold. Such colors satisfy the house’s need to be able to radiate power and confidence.

House Number 1 Numerology Image

If you want to let your house number 1 reach its true potential, consider incorporating more red and gold elements. For example, you could put up a rich golden tapestry or paint your front door bright red. For a more mysterious vibe, opt for deeper hues, like wine red or rustic gold.

Precautions for House Number 1 Residents

While living in house number 1 certainly has many benefits, including attracting power and boosting self-confidence, residents should also be aware of the downside of this digit.

House number 1’s homeowners may suffer from poor eyesight, heart disease, and blood pressure. They should take extra care of their health in the above departments.

Moreover, these houses come with an aggressive vibe, making them prone to fires. This doesn’t mean that there definitely will be a fire in your home. Still, it does suggest that if the opportunity to catch fire ever does arise, house number 1 may not shy away!

Final Thoughts On House Number 1 Numerology

House Number 1 Numerology can teach us plenty about why things within our household are the way that they are. Regardless of whether you are currently living in house number 1 or planning on moving into one, it is essential to look into the numerological nitty-gritty of things. Doing so can help you unlock karmic success in your current life.

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