What Does Seeing The Same Numbers On The Clock Mean?

Have you ever experienced that you often gaze at your wristwatch or wall clock at exactly 10:10? Maybe you wonder why do you meet so many people with the same date of birth or the same month’s day. Or your lucky number shows up every now and then at places where you don’t even expect. The answer that explains these questions along with what does seeing the same numbers on the clock mean lies within the power of numbers. The more you try to ignore seeing the same numbers again and again the more likely they’ll turn up even when you are asleep. The best way to analyze this experience is to study numerology. 

The Numerology of Seeing Same Numbers!

Numerology is a subject that has been studied since ancient times and it’s becoming very popular as more people are becoming aware of it. It’s important to note that different repeating numbers signified different things. Additionally, if you understand the meaning of each number, you’ll be able to deal with your life better. 

Numbers in their real meaning are the fabric of our universe and seeing the same number, again and again, means that your spirit is trying to guide you. An empty space is a basic element that carries a vibration when all the things in this universe are broken down and shredded to their core. The vibration of empty space translates to a number which means that our reality in its essence is nothing more than a stream of numbers. 

Pattern of Numbers

The different patterns of numbers that turn up in our lives can provide us with valuable insights about our life paths, decisions, and behaviors. In order to decode and understand that information, it’s really important to know how numerology works. This way not only can we predict our future but we can also uncover many secrets related to our unique life journey.

If you often experience seeing the same number on the clock, again and again, such as 11:11, or 12:12, numerology can help you to decode the meaning behind it. Moreover, you can also deduce down any big number into a single digit from 1-9. For example, if you see 1:13 on your clock more often you can deduce a single number from this as 5. You can achieve it by adding (1+1+3= 5) which means that your life energy is 5. It relates to your personal thoughts, experiences, lessons, and seeking out a more stable and better life. 

When you understand numerology and apply your knowledge to your unique circumstances, the question of what does seeing the same numbers on the clock mean? makes complete sense. Not only can it help you to achieve your goals but it can also help you to solve many problems. You can explore major arcana tarot cards to gain more clarification of the subject. Traditionally, in a standard pack of 78 cards, there are 22 such major arcana trump cards. These cards represent a specific number that you can further breakdown into 1-9 numbers. This way you start understanding the messages that your energy and universe try to show you. For instance, in tarot number five is directly related to Hierophant. It provides you with the information and clarity regarding the message that the universe is trying to tell you.

What Basic Numbers Really Mean?

As discussed, you can deduce a single-digit number from every big number that you see on the clock. Let’s discuss one by one what these single-digit numbers mean. It will enable you to develop a better and deeper understanding of what does seeing the same numbers on the clock mean to use them for a better and fruitful life.

Number 1

1 is considered to be one of the most important numbers in numerology. If you see this number very often, it means that something new is soon going to initiate. For example, if you’re in business you might start a new project or initiate a new venture. It’s like a reminder or a wakeup call that tries to tell you that you should consider new ideas. So, even if it seems that you’re on the right path you should start thinking about something new.

Number 2

Seeing number 2 means that the universe is trying to tell you to see balance. You might be pushing so hard to achieve something that you take many other things for granted. It might be your work and personal life balance. 

Number 3

Seeing number 3 is undoubtedly alarming. In simple words, it means that you are stuck in something (project, relationship) and you must get rid of it. By showing you number 3 more often the universe tries to tell you that a certain profession, relationship, or any venture is not suitable for your future.

Number 4

The number 4 is one of the loveliest numbers. If you experience seeing this number more, you should concentrate more on your foundation, inner cycle, or family. It also means that your loved one needs you and you should make things simpler and streamline for your family.

Number 5

The first thing to do when you start seeing number five more often is to brace yourself. That’s because the number 5 means that a big change in your life is about to take place. In many cases, you start seeing number 5 when the change cycle has already started.

Number 6

Seeing number 6 means that you need to focus on your life and inner personality. The universe or your energy wants you to bring harmony and balance to your life.

Number 7

The number 8 in numerology means that the universe wants you to meditate and reflect. It might also mean that you should relocate to change your schedule.

Number 8

Seeing number 8 means that you have to push yourself more to achieve your goals. There might be some obstacles that you want to remove.

Number 9

Seeing number 9 means that you should let go of circumstances, people, or even thought that isn’t uplifting you.

Number 0

Well, this is where things get incredible. Zero in its essence means infinity or eternity. It signifies that you must draw your attention and time to the spiritual world.


Understanding numerology can change our life entirely. Not only does it change the way we perceive things but it can also help us to bring balance in our lives and achieve goals in the least possible time. We hope this guide will help you to understand what does seeing the same numbers on the clock mean. 

You can learn more about numerology for a better and deeper understanding of your life.

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