What Is Numerology?

What Is Numerology?

The simplest way to define numerology is that it is an ancient study of numbers that describe, explain, and guide life. Numerology used to discover vital information about how the world works and future events. However, it can be used for individual purposes as well. Numerology is a language of the universe in the form of numbers that must be interpreted. 

If you’ve ever dabbled in Astrology, or have some prior experience with it, then you’re likely to know a little bit about numerology as well. Astrology and Numerology go hand in hand. Astrology often gives you a clear picture of your purpose, destiny, and meaning in life. It can even explain many of your personality traits and predict your life’s direction by correlating your signs with the stars. Numerology, on the other hand, provides a more nuanced approach and can help to further explain these happenings. 

According to Numerology, the universe is not haphazardly laid down. In fact, it has a set system that can be understood and broken down into individual constituents, that happen to be numbers. These numbers help us to understand ourselves and the world in a better manner. 

Finding Meaning In Numbers

As mentioned before, Numerology is a study of the universe through numbers. By understanding that the world and everything in it can be equated to numbers, numerologists can discover numerous elements related to the universe through this practice and reduce them further to meaningful and logical numbers through different methods. These numbers then used to understand and evaluate the world itself, current events, and even our own selves.

Numerology can help individuals discover deep insights about the real purpose of their life. It can even help explain their personality traits so that they can know themselves better and make informed decisions regarding their future. These are all done through mysterious numbers such as the expression number, heart’s desire number, and most importantly, the life path or destiny number.

History of Numerology

Numerology was prevalent in Egypt during ancient times, making the practice at least nearly 4000 years old. It has also been present in China, Japan, Rome, and Greece for centuries. According to the most popular theory regarding numerology, every number has its own distinct vibration that lends its specific characteristics. When these numbers are assigned to individuals, their characteristics can explain the corresponding individual’s behavior, life choices, plans, compatibilities, romantic partners, career choices, and much more.  

A thorough numerological analysis helps to discover an individual’s lucky day or number. At times, recurring numbers can also offer information about a particular phenomenon, event, or individual. According to numerologists, there are no accidents in the universe. Everything happens for a reason, which can be explained and predicted using numbers. 

The famous philosopher and mathematician Pythagoras credited for having laid down the groundwork for the study of numerology. Born in 569 B.C in Greece, Pythagoras heavily inspired by famous philosophers Aristotle and Plato. Quite a lot of Pythagoras’s work heavily influenced by these philosophers. 

Unfortunately, not much known about Pythagoras’s early life. Not much of his original writings and work have survived the test of time. Most historians who wrote about him did so centuries later, so there is doubt about their work’s authenticity. In any case, information about Pythagoras, despite his work being used widely today, is scarce. 

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Pythagoras and his devoted followers, who were called Pythagoreans, studied philosophy, mathematics, and music. Numerous textbooks used in schools worldwide give credit to Pythagoras’s discoveries for their curriculum. Some of his most influential work that is widely used in schools is:

  • Pythagoras’ Theory: This mathematical theory states that the length of the hypotenuse of a right-angled triangle, when squared, is equal to the sum of the squares of the other sides. This is often written as A2 + B2 = C2
  • The exact proportions of musical harmonies were discovered by the philosopher, most likely by using stringed instruments.
  • The very first irrational number, which is the root square of 2, also known as Pythagoras’ constant.

Besides this, Pythagoras and his Pythagoreans considered firm believers of the mystical properties carried by numbers. The famous author of the book “Numerology: Or What Pythagoras Wrought” Underwood Dudley, stated that Pythagoras’s interest in the mysticism of numbers grew immensely after discovering an interesting fact about them. This was that if you add the entire series of odd-numbers, beginning with the number 1, the result will always be a square number. 

Further such discoveries convinced Pythagoras of the immense power that numbers held so much so that he made the powerful statement “all is number’. Although this can have numerous interpretations, the most well-known of these alludes to the speculation that the entire universe and everything in it can be simplified into a particular number. 

The famous philosopher and mathematician, alongside describing numerical values in terms of geometry and mathematics, also claimed that they had non-numerical traits. These traits were concerned with mysticism and intuition instead of math or science. 

Along with describing numbers in terms of math and geometry, the Pythagoreans also described them in terms of non-numerical traits. These traits had more to do with intuition and mysticism rather than science or mathematics. This is where numerology originated from.

What Is Your Life Path Number and How To Find It

The most fundamental way of entering the mysterious world of numerology is by analyzing the date of your birth. This date is essential for figuring out what role you play in the universe and how the universe, in turn, interacts with you. 

In numerology, it is vital to determine the root number, which is the most basic number that can no longer be reduced further. All you have to do is reduce your digits by adding them until they turn into a single-digit number or a master number such as 11, 22, or 33. This number is your unique Life Path or Destiny number. 

Destiny numbers are quite similar to sun signs in astrology. They reveal a great deal about your hidden purpose and the meaning of your life. You can uncover your talents, ambitions, likes, dislikes, strengths, and weaknesses through this number. Your destiny number can also help explain the theme of events in your life, why certain phenomena have occurred to you in the past, present, or future. In other words, your Destiny number will help you known the real you. 

So how do you find out your exact destiny number? Let’s take an example, if your birthday is on 23rd November 1993, there here is how you will reduce all of the components down to a single-digit number and find out your true life path number: 


The month, 11, broken down to 1 + 1 = 2.

The date, 23rd, broken down to 2 + 3 = 5.

The year, 1992, broken down to 1 + 9 + 9 + 2 = 21.This 21 is then further broken down to 2 + 1 = 3.

Next, we add up all of the broken down numbers (month, date, and year) of your date of birth = 2 + 5 + 6= 13 

In the final step, we break this number down into its simplest form, 1 + 3 = 4, to arrive at your unique destiny number, which in this case happens to be 4. 

It might seem complicated initially, but once written down, you will see that it is just simple addition and nothing more.

Master Numbers

As mentioned previously, certain numbers (11 and 22) need not be reduced any further. These numbers are called master numbers. These master numbers are intensified versions of their actual root numbers, which are 2, and 4. Master numbers are unique and rare numbers that you are more likely to find in famous or distinct personalities. This is because the master number suggests a large degree for achievement, success, and learning. However, the bane of these numbers is that they are also usually associated with high-pressure or stressful situations. 

An example of a famous person with a master’s number is the famous English musician Paul McCartney. The singer was born on 18th June in 1942 and is a Gemini. When you break down his date further, the sum of it comes to 22. Instead of reducing this further (which will yield the number 4), we will take 22 as it is a maser number. The number 22 is a high-powered version of the destiny number 4, which reveals Paul McCartney’s powerful mission in life and undeniable fame. 

Every destiny number is unique in its own way. We will help you understand the true essence of all of them. However, we must understand the master numbers first since they are the most influential ones. 

Master Destiny Number 11 

As discussed earlier, Master number 11 is a higher power form of destiny number 2. It can extend its healing abilities to itself and others around it. However, most of the time, the gifts that master number 11 enjoys, often brought about by difficult circumstances. So, at times, number 11 has no choice but to cultivate their talents. This number represents philosophy, balanced awareness, and enlightenment.

Master Number 22 

The destiny number 22 is a master version of its original root number 4. It is often attributed to the quality of being an excellent creator. Their cosmic duty is to inspire those around them to transcend the physical world and the realities that lie in front of them. 

This destiny number can combine the intangible with the very tangible and form an utterly harmonious state of existence. Their creativity and skills often attributed to instability during childhood. However, the number has a fun, quirky, creative, dependable, and dynamic nature as well. It is always on the lookout for new transformations.

Run Down of Numbers

Now that you know a little something about how to calculate your destiny number, you’re probably wondering what it means. Although there’s a lot you can find out about yourself through your destiny numbers, here’s a little rundown of the most basic and important factors.

Destiny Number 1 

Number 1 linked to undeterred forward action, which is somewhat similar to the Aries sign in astrology. Destiny number 1 is symbolic of an independent nature, innate leadership capabilities, and, most of all, a spirit with the capabilities of a pioneering nature.  However, as with all signs and personalities, individuals with destiny number 1 can negatively affect them at times as well. 

They can be boastful or overbearing, but this is a tactic to hide insecurities behind an aura or exaggerated self-importance. Individuals with destiny number 1 have to be mindful that though it is the first number, it can also quickly become lonely. This is why it is essential to keep yourself surrounded by friends and family. 

Destiny Number 2 

Number 2 is a sensitive number that is often tied to harmony, peace, balance, and sensitivity. In numerology, destiny number 2 often plays the mediator’s role among opposing forces through its empathetic, kind, and compassionate personality. Destiny number 2 is most likely to develop psychic intuitions and abilities. People born with it are likely to experience subtle shifts in cosmic energy or elevated and nuanced emotions. 

Destiny number 2s sensitive nature makes them highly averse to conflict. Individuals born with this destiny number avoid conflict at all costs. However, this can, at times, lead them to feel unappreciated. Individuals with this destiny number need not seek validation from external sources as equilibrium and joy can only truly be found within.

Destiny Number 3

Destiny number 3 is representative of the amalgamation forces and represents creativity and communication. Such individuals gifted with the art of expression. They have no trouble communicating their thoughts, whether through writing, oration, or art. The work of number 3s often inspires, uplifts, and motivates others. 

This simple act of making others happy brings tremendous joy to number 3s. However, with so much creativity and activity going on around their mind at all times, number 3s must find a quiet moment to restore, reset, and recharge itself.

Destiny Number 4 

Number 4 represents the earth, and its energy is based on strengthening its roots in this world. They are practical thinkers, hard workers, and responsible individuals who know the importance of having a reliable infrastructure or navigation plan for excelling in the physical world. For number 4s, such individuals need to have a logical system that they can follow, allowing for gradual, measured growth. 

Destiny number 4 individuals have a rigidity about them because of their association with the solid earth. Such individuals take the rules of life too seriously, forgetting that these are self-made roles. Their only purpose is to enhance your life, not inhibit it. Stepping outside of the box and taking some risks will benefit number 4s tremendously.

Destiny Number 5 

Individuals with destiny number 5 are all about freedom. They are free-thinkers, progressive, and adventurous. These nonconformists live in the moment by engaging all of their senses. Their life experiences centered around spontaneity and bravado. In astrology, a zodiac sign that carries similar traits would be Sagittarius. Individuals born with destiny number 5 have an energetic, exuberant impulsive, and playful nature. However, all of this energy can also lead them to become impatient and restless. 

Number 5s are always on the lookout for discoveries and experiences. They have a lot of trouble accepting responsibilities in personal and professional capacities and the mundaneness of everyday life. However, such individuals must learn to narrow their focus to have more success in their endeavors. After all, the most rewarding discoveries often centered around one’s own self.

Destiny Number 6 

Destiny number 6 is all about healing. Individuals born with this destiny number are all about support, nurturing, and empathy. Their gentle approach and connection to both the spiritual and the physical world are useful sources of help for others. Number 6s are highly caring beings and feel tremendous responsibility towards their friends, families, and loved ones. Their gentle nature, tenderness, and loving aura make communication with children and animals effortless. 

However, their overprotectiveness can, at times, be seen as domination and control by some individuals.  This is why number 6 individuals need to know when to step back. They must realize that everyone has to follow their own chosen destinies, even if it means navigating through roadblocks by themselves.

Destiny Number 7 

Destiny Number 7 revolves around inquisitiveness. Individuals born with it often exhibit well-polished analytical abilities, inventiveness, quick wit, and investigative skills. In astrology, number 7 is akin to a blend of the energies of Scorpio and Virgo. They usually have a sharp eye and keen observation of details that rely mostly on inner intuitive abilities rather than concrete realities. 

Due to these reasons, number 7s known to be perfectionists and can often find fault in situations and individuals. This often leads to a lot of skepticism that number 7s must learn how to balance. After all, not everything can be perfect or bland and white, which is the beauty of life.

Destiny Number 8

Number 8s rely on abundance. This often translates into success in the material world and finances. Such individuals are born leaders and have no trouble accepting leadership positions, a role that fits them well because of their charismatic and magnetic personalities and ambitious, goal-oriented nature. Number 8s have no problem seeing the bigger picture and ensuring that they have navigated their path efficiently and set it on the way to great success. 

However, this powerful nature also means that 8s given great responsibilities as well. Number 8s can become controlling and domineering when the stakes are high. Such individuals must realize that the material world can only bring limited happiness with it. To feel complete, it is also important to stay connected to your spiritual side.

Destiny Number 9 

Number 9 is the final single-digital in numerology’s spectrum. As such, these individuals are born as truly old souls with a lot of cosmic experience. Number 9, therefore, has no trouble forming cohesiveness and enhanced energy by connecting the dots. Their mission in life is simple and clear, to reach spiritual enlightenment and an enhanced state of conscious being. 

9s are not afraid of transformation and following the right path even if it is difficult. This inspiring destiny number can easily transcend the physical planes of energy but must ground itself to be successful in life.

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